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The Next Great Decade (as told by classmates)


First of all, let me say that posting this kind of entry is the original idea of Ms. Khatrina Bonagua, one of my batch-mates in Journalism.

You’ve read MY predictions for my Journalism batch-mates. Now, it’s time to know their side of the crystal ball. What could possibly happen to me in ten years time? Here’s the next great decade as told by my classmates (and my reactions)!


PAULO says…
Josh Fulgencio may had spend time as an events coordinator and pursuing her job on advertising and PR management. For sure she had enough money to have her own roof, afford to buy everything and “live the life to the fullest” since she continues to do her church-work a la Kata Innocencio, hehe..

I reply…
Well, Paulo! Our Ad and PR Management course had been really a headache for most of us but it’s nice to hear such a future. And I don’t even know who Kata Innocencio is but thanks! I’m also pretty sure I am living my life in its fullest. 🙂


Jona says…

Josh Fulgencio A.K.A Honey
Status: Married to a non-Christian and bad boy looking man having 2 kids

In AJJAK, we enjoy calling each other with our cheesy code names, and Josh is my honey. She’ll definitely work for a magazine as an Editor-in-Chief. She’s good at writing her forte’ which is feature articles in any sections such as Food, Fashion, Environment and Entertainment. She’s still active in her church activities. Since in our college days, Josh is the kind of woman who can do all-around works. She has many sideline- jobs yet still manages her time well. She works part-time in PR and Advertising as an agent, and at the same time, as an event organizer for parties and events.

Josh will come up with a Christian-oriented book that enlightens the humankind to have strong faith in God, and it is being dedicated to me. And from a Gloria-Macapagal-Arroyo-award, this book of hers will have more chapters and series and would receive a prestigious International Award.

I reply…
Huwaaaaaat, Jona?!? Haha! The “bad-boy” looking part may be acceptable. But I honestly couldn’t see myself marrying someone who doesn’t share the same faith. Maybe he’ll be Christian first before I wear the ring. *laughs* Anyway, napakasipag ko naman ata sa prediction na ito. Soooo many jobs! Thanks for all the wonderful predictions, though! I do love to publish an inspirational book one day and be awarded for it! Thanks!


Melissa says…
Joshua Fulgencio will also be a magazine editor for Reader’s Digest since she loves to get new information and let others know about anything under the sun. Or, maybe she will be a writer for their magazine in their church, and she is still busy with events organizing since she was already doing that in our college years. She still plans on teaching high school students because she wants to share her knowledge with the youth.

I reply…
Wow, Melissa! I do love reading Reader’s Digest and discovering new information about everything and anything! Thanks! And yes, I would also love to teach some day. It is very fulfilling to share precious knowledge for hungry minds. I love your prediction!


Anj says…
Speaking of organizing events, Miriam Joshua Fulgencio or commonly known as Josh (She doesn’t really like to be addressed as Miriam), is a really well-known event organizer who specializes in weddings. Josh, also one of my best friends, is such a romantic and God-fearing gal who really loves organizing parties. However, her specialty turns out to be weddings. She just found it out after the grandest and one-of-a-kind wedding she organized – her own wedding. She married a well-known photographer whom she met in one of the parties she organized. It was actually a whirlwind romance but turned out to be a very romantic and strong relationship and their wedding became talk-of-the-town for a year (She and Khat had organized my very own dream wedding by the way)! She’s the first one to get married in our batch but still became successful as an event organizer and as an editor-in-chief of Metro Weddings Magazine.

I reply…
At first, there are many points I disagree on this post. Next, I just can’t stop laughing. And then, I was actually starting to like this idea. HAHA! I don’t even consider myself as a romantic person but I take that as a compliment. And whoa! Organize my own wedding? Probably be hands-on, but not entirely do the whole thing. Or else I’ll be an all-haggard-looking bride. HAHA! And thanks for that love life prediction of yours. I do know some guys who takes great pictures but are not yet photographers (Hahaha!), I just don’t know how the “whirlwind” will occur! 😛


Kuya Bry says…
Khat and Josh are now top Editor and co-owners of a well known magazine that is being recognized in the Philippines and also abroad. Now they are bugging me for an interview because of my new book and I think they are expecting to have a sneak peek in the new novel give I wrote.

I reply…
So Khat and I would never part ways all our lives, huh? Hahaha! Anyway, I think you should start writing those novels now ’cause we got scheduled interviews with you after ten years! Thanks, Kuya Bry!


Khat says…
My husband, my son, and I heard the mass, and then went straight to the mall to catch the latest movie. Arriving at Glorietta, we bumped into Josh! Josh, who is now a full-time head writer for GMA7, a freelance writer for several magazines, is also one heck of an events organizer. Coincidently, she’s having an event here at Glorietta, a product launch of the newest paper-thin Plasma TV! Of course, we ended up attending Josh’s affair. My son loves the TV so much that she begs her Ninang Josh to give him one. Too bad, Josh didn’t give in! We asked Josh if she likes to come with us, but she told us that her ride is on the way, only a little bit late as her husband preached at a service before going there with their children. Still, Sunday is family day for Josh.

I reply…
This entry makes me go, “OOOHHH-EMMMM-GEEEEE!” Hahaha! Ang sipag ko talaga sa mga predictions ninyo e no? And what? I’m gonna marry a Pastor? Well, God’s Will be done. Hehehe! Sunday has always been a family day for me. Thanks for remembering, Khat! 🙂


Amor says…
Josh will be a high-paid event organizer. Since she loves organizing parties, she will develop this talent and will be the most famous event organizer in town. She will go outside the country to organize Fashion Shows, corporate events and weddings.

I reply…
Anything else besides EVENT ORGANIZING?!? Hahaha! Well, I do love organizing different events most especially those of my loved-ones because I know it really makes them happy. I sure hope I can one day travel the world with my organized self as a capital! :))) Thanks, Amor!


Sir Alex says…
Josh will become a managing editor of a glossy magazine – Cosmopolitan (Philippine edition). Known during her student days as a meticulous and organized person, Josh will be easily noticed by senior management and she will have promotions in quick succession – from beat reporter, to desk editor and in ten years to be a managing editor. Aside from her professional success, Josh becomes a lay minister in her Christian Worship. She conducts training to new members on the theological and philosophical aspects of life in general and the family in particular. She walks the talk and has a successful family and professional life.

I reply…
Nice! Thank you, Sir! I sure hope to be one of the editors of a high-ranking mag! Although they say Managing editors have the worst job in a magazine company. Hehe! Oh well, as you say, I still am in to my ministry and I’m sure God will have my career covered. 🙂 Thanks!


So there you go! Have you seen very big differences? Haha! I’ll surely miss this batch. Thank you for your wonderful Ten-years-time predictions of my future! Believe with me that God still has the greatest future well-prepared not just for me, but for each of us!#

*This entry is first published HERE.*


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Miriam Joshua Fulgencio is the name. The stuff that make her happy are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing things that makes her feel tingly. She loves being maximized for something she is really passionate about. There are things she naturally hates but she believes that once she gets to know them better, she'll like them eventually. She loves dancing, writing, making people laugh and listening to stories of her friends, be it close ones or the contrary. She loves her family very much. She is dedicated to reiterating that there is no denying nor altering the truth that every single person on earth is NOTHING without Jesus in their lives. :)

3 thoughts on “The Next Great Decade (as told by classmates)

  1. si josh??tsk.. anung bang future niyan? eh magiging great leader lng nmn yan ng mga youth sa pilipinas at sa buong mundo.. lahat ng program sa event ay kaya niyang gampanan.. maging wedding singer, MC, organizer, Wedding dress designer, mag luto, mag dance number.. many in one.. kulang nlng maging super woman yan.. Happy Grad Josh!

  2. Awwww! Thanks, Boch! Grabe, nag-comment ka pala! Hehehe! )) Let’s both believe for God’s best in our lives! Pag grad mo na, invite mo ko ha? HAHAHA!

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