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Thanking the One at 21 :)

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I would surely love to stop counting the years being added to my age and label myself like my favorite wardrobe store, Forever 21. But another note, it’s actually great that I can count the years passed – to look at where I’ve been and where I already am now and to remember for a bit my journey and take time to thank the One who’s always been there giving my life meaning. 🙂

So here goes another account to the twenty-one-year-old Josh Fulgencio.

JOSH @ 20

Before I completely say goodbye to my first year as a “twenteen,” let me make a short recap on the highlights of my life.

My first job

Josh on-field 😛

One of the greatest things I’m really thanking God for is my experience, growth and learnings as a Marketing Officer in a certain company. The brands that they carry boosted my confidence more as a person and as a blooming professional and it’s just such an honor to be part of that industry.

Having this job, I also got to meet people who blew me away – people with prestige attached to their names (and their homes, and their cars and their business cards) and whom I never thought I could meet personally and speak with in my entire life. I also met lovely friends, or I dare say it, FAMILY, whom will always have a special permanent mark in my life. Ü

Although my journey on this place had to end a little after my birthday, I had just left the place and the position. But, I’m never leaving the experience, the lessons and knowledge, the relationships I’ve built and more behind. I’ll have them with me as I further explore the world and remember them as one of the best journeys in my life.

My first International Tour — SINGAPORE

Posing with Mom on our way to USS 🙂 See our kababayans at the background?

In the past year, I have been also blessed to go to Singapore with my Mom. It’s actually her one-year-in-the-making Graduation present for me but that didn’t spoil what a great experience it was in any way. Everything that happened to us there was just HUGE! They were so overwhelming!

Originally we went to SG with a really tight budget. We went there so I can be able to attend the G12 Asia: “Paint the Town Red” Conference. Our trip is prioritized to that and we are to just squeeze everything we have to enjoy everything else that our budget would allow. And, STRICTLY, NO PASALUBONGS (souvenirs or take-homes). But my God is an incredible God! He used my aunt slash godmother, first to accommodate us throughout the trip (accommodations in SG are extremely expensive), and then… she actually had given us the rest. Even our transportation and food were free and we even got a trip to Universal Studios Singapore (my dream-come-true!!!). We are just so greatful for her life. I know she’ll be rewarded exceedingly. So if you’re reading, Tita, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ll make it up to you someday and you will surely have a life of abundance because you are blessing to many! Kiss! ♥

Lé Celebraciónes

There ain’t nothing better than to celebrate your special day with the special people in your lives. Say, family and friends, perhaps?

The Fulgencio Way

Of course, number one on the list is my family. My Tita from SG was fortunately here at the Philippines during my birthday so we celebrated together with my cousin slash “twin sister” AJ, Mamu, Tita Mel, Eddyson and Dad at my Dad’s humble abode. We had a little movie marathon, seafood shabu-shabu and indulged into my Birthday Tiramisu cake, all care of my ‘generous’ (ehem) Daddy. Hahaha!

But what counts the most was the fun, wonder and connection of being in the presence of your own flesh-and-bloods. Nothing beats family bondings!

The CAE Way

Four days before the end of my journey at this company, I was able to give a special treat to my beloved CAE friends. Although it isn’t the first time I cooked for many, this is still a first – to cook for workmates. Wasn’t planning at first to reveal the name of the ‘chef’. Baka kasi sibakin ng angry mob ‘pag di na-sarapan e. But surprisingly, my birthday pasta and French toasts gave justice to themselves. Or maybe it’s just my birthday and they love me so much. Haha!

If you’d love to get a recipe of that pasta, you may check it HERE. And feel free to add your personal magic!


Goofin’ off with Anj and Melissa!

Before anything else, let me tell you how cool it is to add letters on the name of our group whenever we add another person to join the fun. Started with “AJJA” (Anj, Jona, Josh, Amor) which later became “AJJAK” (K for Khat) and now “MAJJAK” (M for Melissa). It’s amusing, really!

First date was with Anj and Melissa who joined the party with me at Youthnited’s 6th Anniversary Special. I treated them to dinner after and we just did the most hilarious things at my room when we got home. It’s like we’re back to being college students and it’s just so fun to do and talk about wacky stuff with them.

Going on a friendly unli cakes and coffee with AJAK ♥

Second was with AJAK (it misses one J for Jona who wasn’t able to join because of her tight schedule). We did have a lot of fun, though! We went to The Coffee Beanery to try their unlimited cakes and coffee treat (check THIS blog by my dear friend Khat to know the full story), played the most extreme games at Timezone (Dance Revolution, Extreme Basketball and… I forgot the name! Basta yung iniitsahan ng maraming bola, hehe) and strolled around TriNoma and NBS for some good finds. Definitely one of the best tambay days after graduation.

Wish-Come-Trues and More!

The great thing I really enjoyed about making a wishlist is, well, MAKING IT! It’s nice to once in a while face your set of goals and hopes and watch them come to pass with your own two eyes. Although not all of t5hem may come true, it’s just wonderful to put your “hoping skills” to practice.

For this year, I was able to get. . . *ten-tenen-nen!* FIVE out of ten! Haha! I’ve got 50% down my wishlist! To check out my wishlist, click HERE. And see which ones of them I got by clicking HERE, and search through for my Photoblog series! J

Other gifts I received that are out of my list even outdid my wishes!

My new pink Personal eyeglasses from Mom (got it two months before my birthday)

A sleek new Omega watch from Mamu

And the winner of this year’s BEST GIFT goes to – *drum roll* – TENEN! Sissy Liezl and Kuya Byx! Say hello to my new cuddly baby, JYGGIE! ♥

But apart from all these tangible things, etsetera, I am just so grateful for being alive. It’s one thing that God created me and an even greater thing that I am still here enjoying the life He has given. And I surely am – to the fullest! In my heart, I have nothing but gratitude and worship to my King for being here with me all the minutes and seconds of my life, blessing my every movement and continuously constructing my being into His likeness.

Now that I’m 21, I will be forever thankful to the One who’s made all of these things possible and even more enjoyable; and, for writing my Life Story as the best one yet!

Cheers to another year! Glory to God! Ü


Author: thejoshfulgencio

Miriam Joshua Fulgencio is the name. The stuff that make her happy are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing things that makes her feel tingly. She loves being maximized for something she is really passionate about. There are things she naturally hates but she believes that once she gets to know them better, she'll like them eventually. She loves dancing, writing, making people laugh and listening to stories of her friends, be it close ones or the contrary. She loves her family very much. She is dedicated to reiterating that there is no denying nor altering the truth that every single person on earth is NOTHING without Jesus in their lives. :)

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