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February 12 – “…But He’s Getting Warmer.”

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I initially thought this movie was either that usual chick flick or just another zombie film ever made in history. Well, no doubt zombie films got going over the past few years. You have House of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, a comedy-horror called Shawn of the Dead and many more _______-of-the-Dead’s; plus, we now have a series called The Walking Dead. But man, Warm Bodies, was a darn exemption.

Warm Bodies, starred by Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, is one peculiar movie. If I am to try to describe what genre it depicted, I can go from satire, to romance, to comedy, to             suspense thriller and many more. This flick made me go how I always wanted anything (like books, adventures, relationships, etc.) to make me go; and that is to have my heart beating faster and slower at the same time; to get my emotions going gaga over thinking and incredibly sane at one split second to the next. In my humble opinion, it gave zombie or apocalyptic films a new viewpoint.

The story had me feeling the following emotions:

–          Horror. Well, it’s still a film about zombies going to eat people’s brains and are eager to kill them in a bloody and gory fight. The zombie action scenes were still horrifying.

–          Suspense and Thrill. Be it the zombie action or the human fights, the scenes made me go clinging to my arm rests like it’s an actual suspense-thriller flick. Gosh!

–          Fell in love and Hurt. And as I’ve said – both at the same time. I felt R’s bloom of emotions as the character narrates its thoughts in the audience. And all of it seemed real compared to usual love story movies where plots are the common too-good-to-be-true or sweep-me-off-my-feet kind.

–          Heart-warmed. There were specific parts in the story where my heart just can’t get help but go “Aww…” Especially the part when the zombies realized they are slowly becoming alive – that there is hope and a chance for them to get better and cured.

–          Thinking intensively/Analyzing. I’m an over-thinker and usually do not absorb just the obvious. Instead, I have to get into the deep and scratch through its surface. This flick got me doing this. This seldom happens to me as, usually, films just hold me a spectator than a critic for the “feel-good’s” so I guess this is the good job.

However, although this had been a great film for me, I had observed some weird scenarios – probably intentionally created to give a new perspective to zombie films:

  1. Zombie films need not to be too gory and all about killing.
  2. In stereotypical zombie films, the case is survival of the fittest – only to options: be like them or kill them all. Warm Bodies made a compromise by injecting the concept of hope.
  3. You’ve got the Zombie-eating-brain stereotype like in the game Plants vs. Zombies but although we all saw it coming, it gave us a new idea: zombies eat brains and regain the person’s memories. This makes them feel alive and human.
  4. It was weird for me that Julie wasn’t too angry or grieving over her boy friend’s death. She said she knew it coming but still I think it wasn’t realistic. They must’ve just cut to the chase, though.
  5. R applies blood on Julie so she smells like dead meat and doesn’t get noticed. Totally weird but sooo The Walking Dead.
  6. Zombies are so slow but become so strong and swift when they’re hungry. They killed and outfought the kids with shotguns. Unbelievable.
  7. There are worse case to zombies. They are called “Bonies” – they’re also and STILL not dead.

Above all, one great quality film for 2013! 🙂


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Miriam Joshua Fulgencio is the name. The stuff that make her happy are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing things that makes her feel tingly. She loves being maximized for something she is really passionate about. There are things she naturally hates but she believes that once she gets to know them better, she'll like them eventually. She loves dancing, writing, making people laugh and listening to stories of her friends, be it close ones or the contrary. She loves her family very much. She is dedicated to reiterating that there is no denying nor altering the truth that every single person on earth is NOTHING without Jesus in their lives. :)

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