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March 04 – Congratulations, Theotokos!

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It was today when Vince, one of my students during a Journalism seminar I conducted in Pampanga, has graced me with the big and good news – their student publication is finally out!

It was at least six months ago when I was given the honor to conduct a Basic Journalism and Writing course to the 7th grade to High School representatives and their coaches of Sta. Cruz Academy. A month after that, they invited me to be one of the judges to their Clusteral Press Conference Competitions. Indeed, though they have a long way ahead, they took big steps to attain their winning goal!

Judgement time. Papers weren’t named so no, I did not cheat 😉

They even had me look in to their lay-outs :)))

Mar 4

And now they have officially launched their first issue of Theotokos, their school’s first and official publication. I am just so proud of them!

And of course it is all thanks also to their coach, my BFF Amor Claveria and Organization Adviser Ranniel Soriano. Keep it up, future journalists and history makers! What you invest on now, you will earn tomorrow! Hoping to see you again soon! 🙂


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