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The best news I’ve heard on a March 22nd was that I got featured (well, it was actually just a “mention” but it definitely felt like a whole feature, Hahaha!) on an article wrote by a well-renowned and very credible Media entity in the Philippines.

Better known as the CMFR, Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility is mostly considered as the “watchdogs of the watchdogs.” Instead of just reporting on the current affairs, they are the moderators or researchers on how a media conglomerate has covered a certain issue and if it were actually an ethical deal for these professionals. I personally admire this media group because of its integrity and standing for a credible, uncorrupted Media industry.

CMFR recently launched a social network campaign where they solicited opinions from netizens regarding how they thought of the media coverage of Kristel Tejada’s death (Kristel Tejada was a 16-year-old who committed suicide because of alleged no-tuition-fee-no-exam policy in a prestige State University in the Philippines). Thanks to Twitter, it is now so easy to voice out an opinion and be heard. Ahaha!

Highlight of the day on a March 22!

Highlight of the day on a March 22!

For the first time in my whole life (well probably not but this one’s the only best thing I’m remember) I got mentioned in an article made by a significant media organization for the rest of the world to see. Hurray! Here’s a snapshot of my mention:

There I am! Hehehe

There I am! Hehehe

I cited Mariannet Amper as an evidence to substantiate my response. She’s a kid who allegedly committed suicide years ago plainly for their family’s inability to fend for her education. Research later showed possibilities of maltreatment from the father and sexual abuse from a district governor. What I believe though is that taking your own life isn’t as plain and simple as money problems or social status issues. It’s a series of many serious problems a child may magnify. She might not even have taken suicide, but that’s another story. For the full story, read HERE.

While it’s all too shallow for many, this is really one of my milestones as a Journalism Bachelorette! 🙂 Hahaha! I can’t wait to, soon, in the very, very near future, publish an article with my name on it! But of course, I’ll wait! All glory to God 😀


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Miriam Joshua Fulgencio is the name. The stuff that make her happy are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing things that makes her feel tingly. She loves being maximized for something she is really passionate about. There are things she naturally hates but she believes that once she gets to know them better, she'll like them eventually. She loves dancing, writing, making people laugh and listening to stories of her friends, be it close ones or the contrary. She loves her family very much. She is dedicated to reiterating that there is no denying nor altering the truth that every single person on earth is NOTHING without Jesus in their lives. :)

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