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Beach Come True 2013 – Episode 2

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This is where it all comes real. But before I continue sharing with you my Burot Beach escape during the last Labor Day, have a brief intro or our pre-outing by showing yourself to my previous post. Click HERE!


So after that long, racking, intensely shaking tricycle cab trip, here’s my welcome shot of Burot Beach!



I’ve seen this place through pictures but I never believed that it was actually really that wonderful. There were other people squatting the beach like we would but just by looking at the sea, everything else becomes so exhilarating. I had at least a five- to ten-minute trance taking in the picturesque view, its smell and its humid vibe touching my skin. In my mind I thought… “Dream come true!” And of course, I’m saving all words I can use to describe this place ‘cause I have NEED to write about it.

Then it’s time to snap out of my fantasies and get to business. We found a spot for us to stay then Vince and I went to the guard post to rent a tent and a long table. The guys set up camp while the gals prepared the food and utensils on the table. Gizelle seemed she had so much fun firing up our manual grill and grilling the pork chops and hotdogs for our lunch.

Gizelle at her finest girl-scout performance on the grill!

Gizelle at her finest girl-scout performance on the grill!

Working on the tent!

Working on the tent!

Finished product!

Finished product!

And then of course we needed to take pictures of ourselves on the beach while we were still dry!

Lunch! We're oh, so hungry!!!!

Lunch! We’re oh, so hungry!!!!

Loving the sun and sand (kinikilig pa rin ako sa ganda!)

Loving the sun and sand (kinikilig pa rin ako sa ganda!)

The Swim, The Boat Ride and the Jumpshot(s)

After all the first-things-firsts, we finally did what we came here for – enjoy the beach for all it’s got. I honestly was very careful with my every step on the sea ‘cause the blog reviews say it has countless wandering jellyfishes (believe me, it pays to just know less and enjoy more, haha). But then, I had to resolve that I need to be less cautious. We swam that saltwater, climbed rocks and got wounds and scratches, stepped into creepy textures (they’re just sea grasses, don’t worry) and many more.

Photo courtesy of Cess Rodriguez

Photo courtesy of Cess Rodriguez

We also got a chance to ride a boat to a nearby beach called “Munting Buhangin” or Little Sand (which is actually a more popular, more commercialized beach than Burot) but we didn’t get to step on the perimeters. We got to take awesome shots of ourselves in the middle of the sea and witness the breathtaking teal-colored part of the ocean (you know, that part where it is super deep) and saw the countless squatting starfishes on the sea rocks. It is such an experience! Come see how much fun we had in this clip:

But this trip will never really be complete without one thing. You haven’t really been on a beach without having a jump shot! These jump shots for me is my expression of “Hurray!” and “Thank You, Lord for making my dream come true!” in physical and body art form. We got tons of great shots in the air but I mostly loved one that made me shine like a prima ballerina on Summer mode. All thanks to Cess for such a great, great shot!

Photo courtesy of Cess Rodriguez

Favorite Jump Shot courtesy of Cess Rodriguez

Favorite Jump Shot courtesy of Cess Rodriguez

To cap the day off, we had a pizza dinner at the Seaside Boulevard by SM Mall of Asia and just had a noisy flashback-telling of the day we had and our skin soaring sunburns (but what the heck, those are the real signs of fun!).

One of the best things in this trip is that, apart from the food we spent for, we only spent around P 610.00 (per person) all inclusive of transportation, entrance fees and other rentals. We definitely enjoyed this place for all its worth! Hurry though, if you’re planning, too, to make a trip to this haven because it’s been officially bought by SM Residences. There might be little time to spare in coming to this place at the same low, low, price. My advice, get here very early with a lot of your friends (para sulit yung tricycle ride and rentals) and on a non-peak season. Weekends and holidays are also not recommendable ‘cause there really are a lot of people. Even if it’s non-commercialized, the people nearby knows this place with eyes closed so this is still better enjoyed at a normal weekday of relaxation and serenity.

Above all, I am immensely thankful to my God for allowing me to experience this breather and for once again showing me one of his wonderfully made paradises in the comfort of my own nation. Thank You, my wonderful Creator! 😀


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Miriam Joshua Fulgencio is the name. The stuff that make her happy are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing things that makes her feel tingly. She loves being maximized for something she is really passionate about. There are things she naturally hates but she believes that once she gets to know them better, she'll like them eventually. She loves dancing, writing, making people laugh and listening to stories of her friends, be it close ones or the contrary. She loves her family very much. She is dedicated to reiterating that there is no denying nor altering the truth that every single person on earth is NOTHING without Jesus in their lives. :)

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