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Twenty-Two Years of Showers!

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“… I will bring showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.

Ezekiel 34:26

It’s been a [good kind of] crazy twenty-two years and I’m proud and very grateful to say that I am where I am right now only because of the faithfulness of my dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Of all the things and highlights that has happened in the months that I was 21 years old, it is wonderful to know that I am blessed beyond words and that even in my darkest times, I can always choose to stay blessed for our God is never-changing.

And as usual, let me also take this opportunity to thank the people I have celebrated with.

The Surprise (?)

The Sweet Big Day started a day before my actual birth date. I’ve actually no concrete plan about what to do on or how to celebrate my birthday except maybe treat my Mom and Sissy to dinner and have a separate celebration at Dad’s. The great thing about having no plan (and being a child of God at the same time!) is that God, somehow, makes that plan for you – because He’s the only One who knows just how to sweep you off your feet!

If you have been a follower of TheJoshFulgencio™, you may know that Anj is one of my best friends in a group we call AJJAK (an acronym for our names: Amor, Jona, Josh, Anj and Khat). Since we are now both members of the same church, we commonly see each other every Sunday. The night before, Anj texted me if I am free after church. While I am not very sure, I said I can make time if she needs to tell me anything.

After my Post Encounter lesson and her School of Leaders class, she invited me to join her in looking for a dress in a nearby mall. I initially said okay but I admitted later on that I really am feeling very sleepy and kind of tired (I’ve got Dance rehearsals during weekends and a class to teach every Sunday). I said I could barely open my eyes with the time. She kept on urging me to go when she finally admitted that our friend, Amor, will be coming to see me. I insisted she just go to our house when both of them, again, kept bugging we go to this mall (my spider senses have already tingled that time, but I didn’t pursue the assumption until proven so…). After minutes of bugging and pushing, and me still trying to get home and ditch the mall thing, they finally admitted that the group will be coming to celebrate my birthday with me. I still had them go to our house, by the way. I was really, reeeaaaalllyyy, tired. I thought maybe we can just have whatever plan they have happen at home. They obliged.

My mom was the one who was actually surprised with their entrance. I was resting at my room with Anj until I heard Mom screaming from downstairs,  “Anak, nandito sina Amooooor!” She was so ecstatic!

Fast-track a few minutes later, these four sweet ladies treated me to a luxurious meryenda dinner meryenda… actually, I’m not sure. Hehe!

Withe my birthday cake (special gift from Amor)!

Withe my birthday cake (special gift from Amor)!

My favorite all-cheese pizza from Bigoli

My favorite all-cheese pizza from Bigoli

Uhhhh. What happened? :P

Uhhhh. What happened? 😛

The people who wrote this are Journalists. Guys? Seriously? This short?

The people who wrote this are Journalists. Guys? Seriously? This short?

"AJJAK was at Bigoli."

“AJJAK was at Bigoli.”

And then we had some very interesting photos taken later.

And we're complete! YES!

And we’re complete! YES!

Because He sends showers of blessings in season. :)

Because He sends showers of blessings in season. 🙂

I'm so gullible with Bumble Bee! He "buzzed" me a birthday song! :D

I’m so gullible with Bumble Bee! He “buzzed” me a birthday song! 😀

Trying to take a glam "napalingon" post from my lovelies

Trying to take a glam “napalingon” post from my lovelies

And I also would like to share this very special video of a ‘brief’ love story by Iron Man and our very own Amor. Still making me laugh until now. HAHAHA!

Okay, amateurs best friends! I admit it. I was a bit brightened up. Okay, scratch that! You made me totally happy! Thank you so much. I know for some of you, it took a little more effort and a little more push in your time so thank you so much. You know I love you all! May you be blessed million times more!

The Dinner After

I told you earlier that I really didn’t have a plan for my celebration. But one more thing I’ve been showered with the night before my Big Day was this dinner. It’s all thanks to my loving mom for sponsoring and preparing such a grand dinner celebration with the family and with Khat and Jona who fortunately could spare more time after our meryenda.

Here are our sweet simple moments:

My grand feast! LOL. My Mom’s cooking is the Bomb!!! 😀

~ Ze familia ~

Khat and Jona joined me in the Part Two of my Big Day celeb 😉

Siblings! Because my Mom looks like just our youngest sister! Anu ba yan, Mom! 😛

Wonder Greeters (of course!)

Still I’ve kept a list of my first ten greeters who woke up extra early to say their prayers and greetings. Congratulations and thank you for making my Big Day so special through your sweet nothings!

  1. Gidi “Utowl” Gapayao – called me at 11:59pm of June 9 to greet me at exactly 12 midnight of my Big Day! Hurray!
  2. Joy “Be” Osiano – texted me at exactly 12:01AM.
  3. Sheng “Mayor-Alipin” Endozo – the lady who loves calling me Senyora together with Madam Nancy. Texted at exactly 12:02AM!
  4. Fely “Mamu” Fulgencio – Mamu is my grams from Daddy’s side. She texted me at her waking hour – 5:55AM!
  5. Mom and Tito Nonoy Casin – of course they have the home court advantage! Haha! They greeted me just when I was about to hit the bathroom
  6. Amor “Heart” Claveria – 6:34AM, just before she goes to Law School for her first day in class.
  7. Mommy Gigi Camacho – Mommy Gi has probably just arrived at the office by this time, 7:17AM
  8. Ptr. Loy Roaring – who replied from my thank you the night before (she gave me a present then) and sent me yet another prayer greeting at 7:20AM. How sweet!
  9. Dad and Tita Mel Fulgencio – texted me simultaneously of their greetings at 8:23AM
  10. Vince Oliquiano – he was the first to welcome me in the office as I arrived at 8:28AM. Greeted me instantly (I hushed him though, Hahaha)!

The Serious Case of the Missing Baked-Mac

What was first infuriating soon became just a very funny laughing material. Mom had me bring a container of baked macaroni to work for a simple celebration of my birthday with my closest colleagues. I placed it right away in our company fridge when I arrived in the office and checked it at least an hour and a half before lunch to see if it is still okay. The friends decided to have it eaten on our afternoon break time – and we did! To my surprise, this is what I saw when I opened the lid of the container:

Where'd it go??

Where’d it go??

Ho ho ho! Someone just took a slice of my birthday treat! Didn’t even greet me! Hahaha!

Thankfully, the baked mac was just enough for the ten closest people I invited to eat! In the latter part of our simple celebration, the “case” just became a very funny laughing matter.  Well, God bless you whoever you are. 🙂 And thank you, colleagues for celebrating my Big Day with me though we’re very busy!

Again, thank you, friends and family for making this day extra special. Thank you for being an overflow of God’s love, comfort and encouragement to me. I thank God most of all for doing just as He promised, to pour out a shower of blessing in His destined season! And in the next years, I will keep my arms wide open to receive them and my feet strong and brisk to pursue His best! I believe, the greatest are still in store and yet to come!



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Miriam Joshua Fulgencio is the name. The stuff that make her happy are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing things that makes her feel tingly. She loves being maximized for something she is really passionate about. There are things she naturally hates but she believes that once she gets to know them better, she'll like them eventually. She loves dancing, writing, making people laugh and listening to stories of her friends, be it close ones or the contrary. She loves her family very much. She is dedicated to reiterating that there is no denying nor altering the truth that every single person on earth is NOTHING without Jesus in their lives. :)

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