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We Can Skip the Drama

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For the past few hours I told myself I can. I’ll go over this as quickly and as completely as possible. I’ll spare the words even when they had so much sense and even when they have the most accurate points possible on this argument.

But I guess I just can’t.

It hurts – but sh*t happens, I guess. And while it hurts, there were no words spoken – no guilt-trips, no encounters, not even sorries – all because I’m sure you’d like to skip the drama. Yet again, let me tell you – I cannot.

But for you, I did… if those four words would ever mean anything to this friendship: for you, I did.

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Author: thejoshfulgencio

Miriam Joshua Fulgencio is the name. The stuff that make her happy are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing things that makes her feel tingly. She loves being maximized for something she is really passionate about. There are things she naturally hates but she believes that once she gets to know them better, she'll like them eventually. She loves dancing, writing, making people laugh and listening to stories of her friends, be it close ones or the contrary. She loves her family very much. She is dedicated to reiterating that there is no denying nor altering the truth that every single person on earth is NOTHING without Jesus in their lives. :)

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