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Hooray Holy Trinity: Skeletor, Turtle and The Evil Glare

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I missed two days of writing and I owe three people to write about on my Honor-One-Person-A-Day blog series. Thus, today I honor my team leaders (or soon-to-be’s): Pao, Cocoy and Aileen.

Pao who’s our super thin happy bunny is part of our Wave 2 training class (he was one wave ahead of me in the account). He thinks on his feet which probably explains his zero legible writing scores and fast-paced speaking. He loves Jollibee, if I may add, and would usually be the one to invite me to try some new meal or drink they’ve launched.

Not too long on the floor as an agent, he was promoted to be pne of our Subject Matter Experts who at that time also served as our team leaders. He’s recently finished a management learning program that would launch him to be one of our official TL’s.

I was part of his team prior to my brief exit and I should say he was able to listen to my needs and frustrations back then. It was perhaps the proximity of our age and interests that made us somewhat click through the months and I am grateful for the support he’s always verbalized then, even now.

I have just recently discovered that Pao was also a tough one. While others will look at him as the usually sleepy, sick and weak fellow – come to know him and you’ll actually find him a brave heart. He’s been through a lot lately yet where he is now is definitely far from where he’s been. I am proud, to say the least, to be a friend who can witness him soar through different heights. Congratulations, Papa Pao!

Cocoy is our loading/buffering friend who’d normally promise to be with you after five minutes when he really meant an hour. If there’s X-men Origins, then he will be part of our accounts version of that as he’s been with us since the start of the campaign. He was promoted as an SME after six months and was instantly one of the supervisors I worked with since I onboarded as an agent.

I could not remember when but I call him “Dad” for as long as I can remember. He was our go-to person for escalations, agent feedback, and sometimes, even matters of the heart (LOL!!). Back when I was to make a brief exit from the account, he was one of those who tried to stop me from leaving. Two months or so, I came back – he was the first one to cry and welcome me back like I was being welcomed home. 🙂

I should say that Cocoy has been several roles over the year that was in my life but my favorite would be having him as one of my non-biological Dads. Thanks, Duhdee!

The Evil Glare
Don’t even get me started with the evil glare.

Aileen should be the longest running team leader from our account’s Holy Trinity. I was part of her team since I onboarded, to my tenureship and beyond. When I have simple conversations with her, it still seems like I am speaking with my TL although she’s no longer. Given the choice, I would of course always go back – and pick her.

I always believed that a boss’ role in your life is make it miserable (it’s a stereotype, yes!), but it was definitely different with Aileen. Third boss in my working life and I’ve never been this good at my craft and this passionate to the business. Of course I always had something to say but I am thankful she listened, helped out and supported me all the way.

To describe Aileen as tough is an understatement. She’s more than strong. She’s more than brave. She’s more than great and admirable. But beyond these descriptions, she was as human as anyone could ever be. Not everyone can appreciate her strength ’cause they’ve never seen her weak. But if they did, they’ll realize she’s going through the same shit we all go through, or even worse. Yet she is there, still standing – may be not that invicible, but sure as hell, mightier than ever.

Aileen is such an inspiration – NO – an influence. She may not know but her strength and superhero-like abilities are commendable (LOL!). But seriously, she is someone you would brag about with the newbies and say, “I was honed by the best!”

To my leaders: you deserve more than an honorary blog such as this, but I’ll do it anyway. This 7th day of December, I honor you Mr. Pao Patricio, Mr. Rowell “Cocoy” Cruz and Ms. Ma. Aileen De La Rosa. Keep on inspiring and influencing people to mimic the same or even greater calliber you have. ☺


From L-R: Skeletor, The Evil Glare and Turtle


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